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Welcome to Mindset Equitation

You work with your trainer to master the craft of riding, we are here to help you master your thought process to give you a competitive edge to bring your riding to the next level.

Learn the tools to turn hope into action. First, reflect on what you are hoping for, next, what can you do today and tomorrow and the next day to get one step closer each day to where you want to be.

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Learn Mastery of Your Inner Life

Are you able to control your emotions when things go wrong?

Do you keep your cool when your horse does something unexpected, takes the wrong lead or goes off pattern?

Do you want to learn the secrets top riders use to keep their head in the game?

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Get the Tools You Need to Take Back Control

Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Nerves

Be the brave rider you have always wanted to be.
Fear and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. You can lean to overcome them and quiet your nerves. Learn to change your mindset and you will change your relationship with your emotions.

Recovering from Mistakes

Wrong lead, gone off pattern?
We’ve all been there. Something goes wrong when we least expect it and we take that downward spiral leading to more and more mistakes. You end up frustrated with your horse and angry with yourself. Don’t let mistakes take you down. Learn how to keep moving forward and recover in real time.

Making a Plan

Every good ride starts with a good plan.
Our online course, Making Strides will give you the tools to learn how to set your intention and stick with it. Knowing your horse is only half the battle. To truly be in a partnership with your horse you need to be have a road map.

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Mindset Equitation

Jennifer began her love affair with horses as a young child. Coming from a non-horse family, she took every opportunity she could to be around horses. She finally convinced her parents to get her a horse when she was 12 and she decided at that time to become a serious student of the horse. In the late 1980’s her mother, Gail, took a class on communicating with horses. Before every class at every show, Gail would talk to the horses. Sensing Jennifer’s nervousness, her mom gave her some techniques she had learned in the animal communication class. It helped with the nervousness and soon Jennifer was winning her classes! This success led her down the path of self-improvement and gave her the mindset tools she needed to be successful with the horses and in life.

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Help horse people improve their relationship with their horse through mindset training.

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