Does your inner dialogue create growth and expansion or constriction?

The expression of an inner dialogue through words, emotion, images, sound, feeling and/or text is one of the ways that our human brains process the world around us. Not everyone experiences a voice giving an ongoing narration of their day. For some people it may be a sound, a picture or a visceral response thatContinue reading “Does your inner dialogue create growth and expansion or constriction?”

Worry about Horsemanship?

Half-wit, I will conclude. Things to worry about: Worry about courage Worry about cleanliness Worry about efficiency Worry about horsemanship… Things not to worry about: Don’t worry about popular opinion Don’t worry about dolls Don’t worry about the past Don’t worry about the future Don’t worry about growing up Don’t worry about anybody getting aheadContinue reading “Worry about Horsemanship?”

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