Choose Personalized, Meaningful Goals For You and Your Horse

Frequently when I ask new students what their goals are for starting a riding program, I am met with blank stares. Their love of horses gets them into my barn but they aren’t quite sure where they want to go from there. For beginners, getting down the mechanics of riding by engaging in naive practiceContinue reading “Choose Personalized, Meaningful Goals For You and Your Horse”

Does your inner dialogue create growth and expansion or constriction?

The expression of an inner dialogue through words, emotion, images, sound, feeling and/or text is one of the ways that our human brains process the world around us. Not everyone experiences a voice giving an ongoing narration of their day. For some people it may be a sound, a picture or a visceral response thatContinue reading “Does your inner dialogue create growth and expansion or constriction?”

Add Purpose to your Practice

Incorporate the process of working in a specific, purposeful and strategic way to improve your horsemanship Have you fallen into a rut with your horse? You go to the barn and ride every night but the same problems keep cropping up and you can’t seem to get past them. Maybe you have tried the occasionContinue reading “Add Purpose to your Practice”

Can you see yourself getting better?

Using visualization to improve our training sessions In the pursuit of training our minds to be better equestrians, visualization is a powerful tool available to us for free. When I was first introduced to the concept as a teenager in the 1980’s I certainly was not aware of any research on the subject, it wasContinue reading “Can you see yourself getting better?”

Worry about Horsemanship?

Half-wit, I will conclude. Things to worry about: Worry about courage Worry about cleanliness Worry about efficiency Worry about horsemanship… Things not to worry about: Don’t worry about popular opinion Don’t worry about dolls Don’t worry about the past Don’t worry about the future Don’t worry about growing up Don’t worry about anybody getting aheadContinue reading “Worry about Horsemanship?”